Turning 50, Him

My husband turned 50 today. That’s living half a century. It’s a major milestone. You can’t really tell his age if you meet him, that’s if he colours the gray strands in his hair. He has few fine lines and nary a wrinkle, thanks to a very good skincare regime with SK-II, and lately, Suwalsoo….


2019年1月5日,算是一个美好的开始吧。上周六,我与老金看了王力宏《龙的传人2060》在新加坡站唯一的一场演唱会。 时隔五年,再次看王力宏演唱会,还是万分期待和激动。 王力宏在华语流行歌坛也有将近24年的时间。如今42岁的王力宏,虽已成为3个孩子的人父,但依然帅气,也保持了完美的好身材, 魅力不减当年。 不过随着年龄的增长,多了份成熟感。我喜欢王力宏是受了老金的影响。五年前被他拉着去看王力宏演唱会后,就开始欣赏王的才华。 看着王力宏淋漓尽致的表演,觉的他有十八般武艺,样样精通。除了唱歌跳舞之外,王也现场弹奏钢琴,吉他,拉小提琴。维基百科是这样介绍王力宏 – 台湾华语流行音乐歌手,是全方位音乐家及艺人,也是唱片制作人,作曲人,编曲人和电影导演,毕业于威廉姆斯学院。他对音乐的执着与热成,实在让我佩服,也是我们学习的榜样。 说到《龙的传人2060》,故事讲诉王力宏乘坐太空船来到2060年的的地球,把希望,爱,和平,音乐带给大家。这个主题蛮好的,提醒大家生命需要爱配伴,生活要制造希望,人生有音乐的陶冶更美好,而我们人类也应该实现和平的理想。 估计这应该是我最后一次这样近距离的观赏王力宏了。这一篇文章,算是留个纪念吧。

Dream Big, 2019

As the new year begins, I’m taking stock of my past year and planning the new.

Tenth and the final week – I made it

Done and over with, my bakery course. I am packing up and flying home today. How time flies. Exam results won’t be out till next week, but I know I passed, and will graduate with a boulangerie diploma. The near three months of intensive training has been nothing short of stimulating, challenging, and amazing. The…

Eighth and Ninth Week – Hell Bakery

Just when I thought I am getting into the swing of things, all hell broke loose, again. Fast, faster, faster faster, faster faster faster… So much so that I have to remind myself constantly to calm down, and just breathe. It came to a point one day, that I didn’t want to talk to anyone…