Turning 50, Him

My husband turned 50 today.

That’s living half a century. It’s a major milestone.

You can’t really tell his age if you meet him, that’s if he colours the gray strands in his hair. He has few fine lines and nary a wrinkle, thanks to a very good skincare regime with SK-II, and lately, Suwalsoo. He walks in long strides, and an easy gait brimming with confidence, so age hasn’t slowed him much. Lately, he’s building his biceps at the gym, so compliment him on his muscles, will you?

Men age better. I can’t agree more. But I also think it’s because he has little to worry about. No dependents (except me but I am easy to maintain!), not tethered to the work desk, and life has been incredibly good for him.

At 50, is he different?

I think he has managed to retain his vigour, but he’s now more contented, and zen about life. We’ve been together for 30 years since our Uni days. I see a young man full of potential, become a grown man, grew restless and weary, and eventually found peace and contentment.

I asked: “At 50, what are your thoughts”

“Like that lor, it’s just a number, and a reason to celebrate.”

I’m glad he feels that way about age.

But I also know he’s grateful for what he has, and how far he has come.

Frankly, as we grow older, we become more aware of our mortality. Moping about age should be the last thing on our mind. At the end of the day, nothing matters more than happiness.

So, Happy Birthday big boy, and stay happy!