Dream Big, 2019


It’s been almost a month since I wrote anything in my blog, and I’m trying to get back to the rhythm of writing.

Leaving Bangkok behind, I’ve settled in well back home. Life’s back to normal, although I’ve been busy testing equipment, new ingredients and recipes, as well as catching up on my volunteer work  with our four legged friends.

2018 worked out beautifully:

  • The Man and I started the year with a low maintenance home, and declutter our way to freedom.
  • We spent more time together after he quit his job. We haven’t felt the urge to strangle each other (yet), so I think we’ve done pretty well in the transition as a semi-retired couple.
  • Met some great neighbours who made our life happier.
  • I think we’re physically more active…I’ve never walked that much before.
  • I took up colour pencil drawing (even if it was for a short while), immersed myself in writing and volunteering.
  • Finally, my amazing baking experience in Le Cordon Bleu.

Not bad, I thought.  The whole idea of retiring from corporate life was to do new things, and make a change.

The one sad thing that I could do without…the loss of Bambi, my 20-year old feline friend who died in February last year. She’s absolutely irreplaceable because of all the great memories we’ve created together.

But we all learn to put the past behind, and look forward.

And so, 10 days into a brand new year, I’m beginning to think how I should plan out my year ahead.

I’ll spend more time baking, and hope some good will come out of all this. I’m contemplating an internship later on, so are there any Chefs out there who wants me for an apprenticeship?

I’ll continue writing, and I shall attempt to write on a wider range of issues to broaden my awareness and writing repertoire.

It’s time to dream BIGGER dreams. Be excited. And, Happy New Year!