Today, is a real milestone in the Man’s life.

It’s his last day at work, after two decades in the same organization. No more slogging away to meet work commitments, and a release from the heavy burden of leadership.

For a long time, he looked like he carried the weight of the world on his shoulders. He couldn’t resist checking his emails during dinner, work kept him awake, and he was truly exhausted.

The passing of his brothers over the years, was a constant reminder to live life well, and it also influenced our thoughts about life and death. When MIL passed away in April last year, we decided to slowdown our pace of life. We were unanimous about what we want in life, so that made things easy.

Some say it’s too early to stop working. The way we see it, there’s never a right time, but we are both ready to move on to new things in life, and gain new experiences. We don’t want to be working mindlessly, until a stage when we can’t enjoy, and look back with regrets.

There are things to give up, but nothing beats freedom. Early freedom from work, being able to choose what we want with our life, and our time. Being free financially, without being stressed about money.

I imagine, it would be a mix of emotions when the Man leaves his office this evening. I’m sure he’ll weep a tear or two, bidding farewell to his co-workers. After all, he had spent his entire career, all 20 years of his youth, in this single company.

Tomorrow, marks the start of a new chapter for both of us.