A night of Yakiniku & Sake


Looking for a buzzing place to spend a night out with your better half?

Craving for grilled meats?

Thirsty, and longing for a drink?

A bar-like atmosphere with counter seats. Lively, yet cozy. Friendly, young Chefs to grill your meats. Smoke-free, minus the pungent BBQ smell.

The place, Yen Yakiniku. It was my first time, and to attend a sake pairing event.

Meats were gently grilled over smoke-free Japanese charcoal, and not overly salted. My favourites – the beef cuts, especially the Gunma (prefecture) A4 wagyu oyster blade (cow’s shoulder) and the US prime short ribs.

Next, Wagyu fat fried rice, which was nicely flavoured and fragrant, and the wagyu beef soup was rich and umami. My better half said it reminded him of his mom’s soup in his childhood days. I’m not crazy about scallops, but these Hokkaido scallops were huge, and grilled well.

And, the meal wouldn’t be complete without nice sake.


The evening was hosted by Yamagata Prefectural Board and Orihara Shoten with the support of Tatenokawa Brewery and Goto Brewery.

Benten Dewasansan Gokujou and  Tetenokawa Kyokugen Junmai Daiginjo were my picks of the night. Both paired well with the meats. The latter is a premium 8% sake, subtle and creamy in texture. Benten Dewasansan has a fruity aroma, and a rich flavour. Tetenyan vol.5, the last bottle of this season, made an unexpected appearance. It was special, sweet and strong, notwithstanding the cute cat label on the sake bottle stole my heart! (Tatenyan Photo credit: KL)

Good fun, and a great night. We ate, we drank, and we went home happy. Yay!