Putih’s bad teeth


Poor Putih. Problem after problem.

If you had read my post – ‘A Hard Life’, you may vaguely recall a community cat with glue poured on her. That’s Putih. A week ago, Michelle and I discovered Putih had difficulty eating, and panting after food.

Straight to the vet, she goes.


The vet diagnosed severe dental decay. Putih was put on a week’s antibiotics to reduce gum infection before heading for surgery. In the end, she had seven rotten teeth extracted.



Left with only two back teeth, Putih’s feeling very miserable now. This photo was taken two days after her surgery. She’s feeling lost and weird, I suppose.


She’s not eating well, and not as cheery as before. I miss her cheeky ways. I wonder, did we do wrong to pull out her teeth?

Now that I know Putih better, I’ll say she’s a chilli padi. She’s small sized for a seven year old cat but spirited, strong, sociable and loves to play. She’s clever enough to walk 2 blocks away from her home, piak at the right lift lobby to find her feeder even though no one taught her the route. She’s strong, almost wrecked my carrier apart when I brought her to the vet. And, she yells a lot when afraid or anxious. But she’s sweet, and a favourite with many of our residents here.

Putih darling, I hope you get well soon.