It’s nice and cool now, after a heavy downpour, and I am sitting outside my home, letting my mind wander, as the gentle breeze cools my face.

It has been 3 weeks since my last post. I have neglected my blog a little, but no, I have not lost interest in writing, in case you wonder. I’ve channeled my writing compositions and energies to better use.

I’m a volunteer with HOPE Dog Rescue, coming half a year soon, helping out in the backend, corresponding with volunteer writers and putting their stories together for Facebook postings. While we get a reasonable level of registrations from volunteer writers, many a time, they are uncommitted or become phantoms after one or two submissions. I suppose volunteer writing didn’t turn out as they expected. And so, I try to plug these gaps, never mind, my unpolished writing skills. Heartfelt moments expressed simply and a matter of fact, I think, I am still capable of. Nevertheless, it’s essential that we get more writers, good, passionate and committed ones, so that we convey our rescue stories from different angles, and share the workload to save our street animals.

2 weeks ago, I was sucked into field rescue work, when the group lost a stray puppy who was released back into the factory where she belonged, after her sterilisation. The team was worried, very anxious that the pup could be stuck somewhere remote because she still had her neck cone on after the vet visit. Amidst coordination work with various volunteers, I had my hands dirty by leading a search rescue team, one evening. Frankly, I didn’t harbour any hopes of finding Bunny, the pup who was lost in Kranji, and that’s a huge area to cover, notwithstanding we did not get any clues after a week of searching. Nonetheless,  I did it, not only for the pup but also for the people who had been tireless in their search to save a life.  And, miracles do happen – after 8 days, Bunny was found, when a factory boss saw our poster and contacted us on her whereabouts. I am happy to inform that Bunny has been adopted by a volunteer.

Lately, I am also helping a friend with some writing and marketing for his business. It’s a new experience, very different from personal blogging and charity writing, and I’m relishing the chance to put my digital marketing knowledge to use again.

I have not forgotten my community cats in my estate, though it saddens me that I am spending less time with Garfield, who seems to be losing weight. I now comprehend why stray feeders do what they do. These animals seemed so vulnerable and dependent on us, and over time, we get emotionally attached to them. There’s more I want to do for them.

The sky continues to pour. And I, shall persist in my writing habits.