Rambling Thoughts

Feeling sombre, and in a reflective mood as I type this out. Sad news, one after another, within the span of four days. Sudden deaths of young healthy individuals is dreadful and a tragic waste of talent. Just as I am writing this, another episode of fatal road accident this morning killed three pedestrians in Yio Chu Kang. I hear a young child was involved.

Thurs: 19-year old NUS undergrad killed in Clementi car crash.  (http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/teen-who-died-in-clementi-crash-was-an-only-child-said-to-be-very-close-to-her-parents)

Fri: Button’s sudden and early demise. She was 7, an animal therapy miniature Schnauzer, rescued and adopted by HOPE.  Her mama and fans are terribly sad.



Sat: 89-year old great grandfather killed by a fallen tree branch in North Bridge Road. (http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/89-year-old-grandfather-killed-by-falling-tree-branch-was-independent-and-well-loved-says)

Sun:  23-year old woman killed in a car-bus collision at Bukit Timah. (http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/23-year-old-woman-killed-2-others-injured-in-collision-between-car-and-smrt-bus-at-bukit)

Mon: 3 pedestrians killed by a lorry in Yio Chu Kang (http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/3-pedestrians-killed-in-accident-involving-lorry-and-bus-near-yio-chu-kang-mrt-station)

Their bright lights went dark rather abruptly. Such is life. We could have a happy moment and the next, the world crumbles around us. Nothing’s for sure.

And so, why are we so hard on ourselves. We beat ourselves up for every mistake, and the pressure we put ourselves on to reach that perfect goal. We live with responsibilities and humdrum routine work. How many of us truly enjoy living everyday? Do you live with worry about the future, or live in the present moment? Are you facing the Monday Blues, overwhelmed by unfinished business at work? Do you find contentment in living?

This brings me to my next point. Impatience, a terrible shortcoming that many of us have. We are constantly annoyed with something and everything has to be fast, in an age of instant gratification and demand for fast results.  It’s especially apparent on our roads and the reason for all these accidents. Drivers refuse to give way, tailgating, and some cars simply whizzed past just as pedestrians cross their path. E-scooters, another pet peeve of mine. Put them in the hands of ‘bo now’ Singaporeans, their actions become dangerous, and brainless.

And so, I often wonder the values we are inculcating in our kids, if adults are not practicing the right values and habits. My fear is we are developing them to be literary and digitally smart but desirable traits like compassion and helping others are overlooked. Simply, because these values have no tangible benefits.

Maybe writing gives me a melancholic feeling, or perhaps it’s age or the slower pace of life, but these thoughts enter my head, as I watched others toiling their lives away, mindlessly. And, the lives we have just lost.

It doesn’t matter what you do, whether you are striving to pursue a dream lifestyle, or simply living a laid back life.  The point is, be happy and find meaning in what you do. And, there’s no point worrying about things we can’t change.

I say, START living, before it is too late.

I sound like a disturbed woman, rambling on. Or simply, I am thinking more clearly these days.