Celebrating culinary

Think French Cuisine. It’ll normally evoke an image of rich, buttery food. At least that was how I felt before, and I hadn’t been a huge fan of French food until I dined at Nicolas Le, Les Amis and Odette. I love their fresh produce, the aesthetically pleasing food arrangement, and food so finely prepared. And, the desserts are to die for! It helped that my trip to Paris last Nov reinforced my interest in all things French. Of the lot, Odette is my favorite French restaurant, reserved for special occasions while Nicolas Le comes in my mind automatically if I am looking for a lovely, yet affordable lunch set. Les Amis food is to my liking too, but I think it’s a tad pricey for what it is, and the setting, a little cold.

And so, Odette, deserves a mention in my blog, after That Perfect Meal in Hashida. https://lucky138blog.wordpress.com/2018/03/29/that-perfect-meal/.

I was at Odette last Thursday to attend a wine pairing dinner organised by myaudiworld. I’ve to say that Chef Julien Royer and his team did a fantastic job, again. In conjunction with the 22nd World Gourmet 2018 to celebrate culinary, Chef Julien created a special menu for the occasion, and that, generated much anticipation leading up to dinner. The verdict. Splendid, and I think the blue lobster and truffle beef soup stole the show.

Blue lobsters are rare to come by, and so we were really fortunate to have it on the menu. This lobster was naturally sweet and its texture crunchy with a lovely bite, in short, a joy to eat.

Then came the legendary truffle soup that was served to French President Valéry Giscard D’Estaing in 1975. Odette outdid themselves on the soup. The pastry, all puffed-up, held up very well, was extremely flaky and light. The way to eat it, is to break the crust into the soup. It was a pity, to see all that gorgeous puff pastry drowning in the soup, but O boy! It was an absolute delight to eat the dish. C’est delicieux!

The chicken made a grand presentation but otherwise, chicken tastes like chicken, if you know what I mean. Don’t get me wrong, the chicken was flavourful, texture succulent and nicely done on the whole, paired with morilles and young spring vegetables. But, it’s unlike red meat, or otoro, where it feels like seventh heaven when the flavours linger in the mouth. So, truth be told, I was a tad disappointed that there was no red meat on the menu but the other dishes made up for the lack of it.

The other main dish, after the chicken, was a red mullet layered with a crispy potato scale look-alike. The fish was cooked to perfection.

Our lovely meal ended with a cake soaked in rum, paired with ice cream and Tahiti vanilla cream. By this time, my stomach felt like it would burst.

I’ve to say the bread at Odette is fabulous. Everything you see on the bread tray was excellent but I think the crusty dark sourdough was outstanding.


It was a remarkable dinner, and Odette never fails to impress me. There’s a reason it’s a two Michelin star restaurant. But mind you, advanced booking at least a month before is the norm. Get a table near the kitchen. It’s my favorite spot because I get to observe the team and Chef Julien in action. I am simply amazed at at how cool the team is. And Chef Julien is so, very cute!

A Big Thank You to Audi Singapore for organising this dinner. I had a wonderful evening.

*4 Course Wine Pairing Menu*

1.La Nage De Homard Bleu Au Pouilly Fuisse
Blue lobster, Pouilly Fuissé ‘Nage’, Cauliflower
Chateau Haut Dambert, Entre-Deux-Mers 2016

2.La Soupe Aux Truffes “VGE”
VGE Truffle Soup
Dish created for the French President in 1975
Chateau Les Charmes Godard, Cotes de Francs Blanc 2015

3.Le Rouget Barbet En Ecailles De Pommes De Terre
Red Mullet Dressed in Crusty Potato Scales
La Petite Laurence, Bordeaux Superieur, 2014

4.La Fricassee De Volaille De Bresse Aux Morilles
Fricassée of Bresse Chicken in Cream Sauce, Morel Mushrooms
Chateau du Breuil, Cru Bourgeois Haut Medoc 2014

5.Le Baba Au Rhum ‘Tradition’
Traditional Rum Baba, Tahiti Vanilla