A Hard Life

Despicable, seriously. Some sick person(s) poured glue on my neighbourhood cat!! I can’t understand why anyone would be so cruel to a vulnerable animal. It disturbs me when I read about animal abuse, but to come across one at first hand is distressing. I wish people are kinder to street animals. It’s a hard life for them on the streets, exposed to the elements and running the risk of being severely injured or killed.


The unfortunate cat with glue poured on her is Putih, a community cat. She’s easy going, very trusting of people, and hence, an easy prey. Thankfully, we have good Samaritans who rushed Putih to a vet and saved her, so she’s alright for now. But the poor girl had parts of her body and her entire tail shaved down, to remove her matted fur.

In urban Singapore, typically, we see many stray cats around housing estates. They know of no other way of living, and if lucky, they would get food and water from dedicated caregivers. I know many people are perturbed about street cats  around them, and I understand their concerns on general hygiene, worry of diseases, caterwauling and fear of being attacked. But please, please, do not frighten these poor cats. They are harmless and won’t hurt you, unless provoked. Their lives are very hard, as it is.

Stray dogs are normally sighted in industrial area, many, whom were abandoned when the factories closed down. Sadly, I know of several dogs were left to die, either in hit and run, or some major mishaps. In many of these cases, they become paralyzed, even if they were saved. Here’s a story on Matthieu, a senior dog and paralyzed waistdown, saved 6 years ago by HOPE Dog Rescue. He has no place to call home but we’re hoping by some miracle, Matthieu would find a family to love him in his twilight years. I am so moved by his story that I wrote this appeal for him. Will you give him a home?https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2045421082152721&id=245909795437201
It’s very sad to see another earthling suffer, especially if they cannot fend for themselves. What we really need is a concerted effort, both members of the public and animal agencies, to keep strays safe, healthy and the population in check.

Animal groups have limited resources, and so, if you come across an injured or distressed animal, bring it to a private vet or to the SPCA shelter if you can. The alternative is to call SPCA’s emergency rescue hotline.

Say hello to my newfound furry friends! They are a bunch of affable community cats, homeless, but luckily for them now, they have dedicated caregivers in the estate. How long can their happiness last?

Top left to right: Putih, Garfield, Cantik, Batman, Henriett, Baby, Miki, Felicity, Hawk

A hard life, it is. Nevertheless, please stay safe and happy.