To Johor, Again

This time round, to Johor by car. It’s a food trip, whoopee!!


It was a day after Good Friday, and we left home before dawn break for Kota Tinggi to hunt down a popular Bak Ku Teh (BKT) shop. Getting there via 2nd link had taken us slightly less than an hour, and when we finally arrived at our destination, I was rather startled, because in the middle of no-where, were two long shack houses by the roadside filled up with people, famished ones they had seemed. And so, we have reached Kiang Kee Bak Ku Teh.

Food was nice, normal, comes in sizeable portions but there was nothing to really shout about. The BKT here is not peppery like the ones in Singapore but neither is it herbal, the sort that Malaysia is known for. The claypot pig stomach and liver/kidney were pretty good, big cuts, soft, crunchy, and everything it should be. The total bill was RM70 for 4 pax, or S$6 each. That’s really, really cheap considering we had so much food including BKT, pig stomach, liver/kidney, lettuce and youtiao.


Even Mr Bean found his way here!


The highlight of this food trip, really, was at Kim M Long Pipa Duck restaurant, it’s near the Johor premium oulet. Actually, we stumbled upon it by mistake. We had intended to visit Kim Long restaurant, a short distance away from Kim M but we drove to the wrong address. But no regrets, truely. The food was tasty with good wok hei, and prices were beyond reasonable. For 4 persons, our meal consisted of half sized Pipa Duck, Qinglong veg, Nonya Fish slice, and homemade tofu, and the final bill was only a mere RM75, that’s S$6 per head for a very delicious full meal, with four sour plum drinks in a comfy air-con place!! I would recommend that you check it out if you are in the vicinity.

Photo credit: KL