That Perfect Meal

(Update: Hashida Sushi has closed)

It started in Tokyo. My love for sushi. It has been ten years, but I can still vaguely recall, I had to drag myself out of bed at an ungodly hour in the morning, to eat sushi breakfast at Sushi Dai in Tsukiji Fish Market. It was love at first bite.

Back home, I had my fair share of conveyor belt sushi, and it was a fun experience but after having tasted the freshness of Tsukiji, my expectations changed. And so, I upgraded to mid-tier sushi shops, where local chefs offer better quality fish at affordable prices. Then, four years ago, my world transformed when Hashida Sushi arrived in Singapore.

If there is one thing that would put a smile on my face, it would be eating sushi at Hashida, in Singapore. This is one of my favourite dining spots, and I would linger, savour every bite and every bit of my dining joy.

It is an eating experience that awakens my senses and emotions. I am in seventh heaven, when their premium Otoro, bursting with flavours, melts in my mouth. The meat texture and richly flavoured fish oil, elevates my mood, and while the delicate rosy-hued piece, layered with a hundred over year old sauce is almost too pretty to be eaten, my heart sings when I consume it.  Pure goodness, it is.


A couple of things distinguish Hashida from others, in my opinion. Rice, is one of them. Their nugget of sushi rice is plump, moist but not overly sticky, and it’s warmth, evokes a sense of comfort. It has a good balance of savoury and sweet taste without being overly vinegary. They have done it, exactly the way I like.

Undoubtedly, Hashida offers fine quality fish and produce. Their Uni stands out, better than all others I have eaten. Hashida’s Uni is creamy, naturally sweet, looks firm in texture but melts in the mouth, has a nice hue, and the absence of even the most subtle, stinky taste, makes it a winner.


Every visit will be different, depending on the chef and produce of the day, which makes it all so intriguing. On my visit last week, I had Hamaguri clams which are in season now, paired with yuzu miso sauce, bamboo shoots, octopus and angkimo, and they were delightfully flavourful. The beauty of it all is, every chef has a defining style even though they serve the same dish, and so, you can select one that suits you best.


When it comes to high end dining, one would, generally conjure up an image of white tablecloths, silverware, and a pompous show. Here, in Hashida, the zen-like ambience is soothing and relaxing, with an intimate setting which made me feel at home. Service is attentive but unintrusive, and the people are gracious.

While it is not practical to fine dine in Singapore daily, not unless you are sleeping on money, you should always give yourself an indulgent treat. Feed not only your body, but your mind and spirits. You are what you eat, after all.

As the saying goes, we only have one life on earth, so live it well, and eat perfectly.


Photo credit: KL