Chocolate Talk


Did you know there is a World Chocolate Day that is celebrated globally on 7 July? I didn’t, until I started this piece of writing.

I am no chocolate fan but my husband is. Feed him dark chocolate and he would jump in glee. No white chocolates please, he loathes them! Milk chocolate is not his preferred choice but it would do, if the dark ones are not within his reach.

I googled again. Dark chocolate is high in antioxidant, lowers blood pressure and raises HDL. No wonder he eats them with gusto.

The subject on chocolate popped up in my head because we had an amazing amount of it on KL’s birthday.

Our modus operandi in celebrating our birthdays always involve a nice meal and a great bottle of wine. This year, was no different except we had more chocolates than usual.

To begin with, I baked a chocolate banana cake because for the longest time, KL had asked for a homemade chocolate cake. I like to bake, but not with chocolate because I have yet to find a great chocolate cake recipe, that is both simple to bake and light in texture. Besides, it’s hard to get good quality cocoa powder. Anyway, chocolate magic appeared and ooh la la, he got what he had asked for.


I used Joy of Baking recipe which didn’t require coffee powder. My cake was dense and moist but it wasn’t great. Many chocolate cake recipes included coffee as an ingredient to enhance the chocolaty taste. So, if you can’t sleep at night, it could be the effects of eating chocolate cake in the day.

More chocolaty delights came along during dinner at the Chef’s Table. Surprise! Surprise! The waiter brought out a complimentary slice of chocolate cake for the birthday boy. Smile.


And guess what? We topped off dinner with another chocolaty dessert. We don’t get to choose our desserts, and so, it’s as-if the chef knew there was a chocoholic at our table. Ha!


Speaking of Chef’s Table, I’ll sidetrack a bit here. It’s a small casual dining establishment, helmed by an Austrian chef who uses a wide array of ingredients, and he has no menu for his customers. I like the casual dining atmosphere and food, and I would have given the restaurant a strong review if they had been more generous with their meat servings.

Back to chocolates. A little elf delivered this surprise to KL..


I’m astonished at how much chocolates we have eaten. Are you?