Caring for my sick cat

I’ve been quiet lately on this blog and here’s why. Bambi is unwell (there are some bad days) and things took a turn for the worse yesterday. I had just finished mixing my bread dough and waiting for the dough fermentation when she plonked herself flat onto the ground near her food tray and whimpered.

I rushed her to the vet who diagnosed she’s suffering from dehydration (even though she drinks water a lot), likely because her kidneys are weakening. So, how do you tell a cat is dehydrated? Pinch her skin and if it stays up like a tent, her body is short of water. Bambi was given 60 ml of subcutaneous fluid at the clinic, i.e., giving fluid under the skin (subcutaneous tissue), aka as IV drip and I am to administer the same treatment at home for the next few days. Her tumor is probably causing her pain too hence the feeble voice. Unfortunately, there is no treatment for that other than giving her painkillers (Buprenorphine) which has side effects such as gastric disorders, weakness, slower breathing and no good for kidney patients. To give or not to give, there lies the question for mummy cum caregiver. In the end, the vet and I agreed on a low dosage (0.3 mg) with the hope that it would ease her pain somewhat but not knock her out. KL and I were not hopeful that she will make it through the night but she did, thankfully.

She’s still weak today. I gave her IV drip this morning (newbie at this) and she’s sleeping as I write this. Her days are numbered, I know, but it’s tough to say goodbye. Now, I comprehend why some people don’t want pets after the passing of one.

Old age and sickness lies ahead, and it is painful going through the process even with pets. As a caregiver, there is a sense of helplessness and an overwhelming feeling of sadness. In times like these, we take stock of what we have in life. I am grateful for what I have and shall appreciate life much more!

Time to check on Bambi now.