Singapore to JB

It’s the 3rd day of CNY, on a Sunday, and I wanted to do something out of the ordinary. So, for the 1st time I visited my niece’s home in Tebrau and took my maiden train ride to JB.

Compared to the public bus, it’s less tiring taking the train because there is less walking between immigration checkpoints and I am happy to skip the wait at the  bus bay. You don’t get stuck in traffic and the queue at the immigration counters are shorter (each train has a maximum capacity of 300 passengers while crossing by road, there is no limit to the volume of visitors ) .

The downside is tickets have to be purchased way in advance and they run out pretty fast especially the popular time slots. And, should you miss the train, you may not get on the next one if tickets are sold out.

How I reached JB:

– took bus 911 (take the one that says woodlands train checkpoint) from the bus interchange to Woodlands CIQ. About 15mins bus ride.


– reached Woodlands CIQ.  Went into building, cleared ticket checking point, pass Singapore immigration and subsequently the Malaysian immigration. The wait at both immigration counters was roughly around 5-mins each side. All under the same roof and are short distances apart.

– After clearing both sides’ immigration and getting our bags checked, we  boarded the train. Free seating.

Things to note:

Train leaves on the dot so get there at least 40 mins before train departure time. From SGP to JB, must exchange online ticket with a physical one because no QR code scanner on SGP side (why we so backward ah). If there are no vacant seats in the train, can stand.

Train ride took 5 mins, it’s air-conditioned with clean interiors although it is an old train. Upon arrival at the building opp. City Square, we took a 5-min Uber ride to the massage place E goes to regularly. I lost the business card so will post the address later.

After 2-hrs of being twisted and kneaded, we were famished. Lunch next! According to E, Sugar On Top is usually very crowded during peak hours. Food is pretty good for the price we paid.

Squid Ink pasta
Laksa pesto pasta
Charcoal Early Grey


My niece looks like that

She’s heading to Ireland on 28-Oct for a new adventure and I am happy for her. A fresh start and something different. That’s living!